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Friday, April 17, 2009

So long as you have one enemy in your life, you will be held hostage and can be taken prisoner.

Enemies are something to think about. Injustice happens in this world, but one person's injustice is another person's lesson or wakeup call. It's not always a black and white situation. Deep down we know there are no good guys or bad guys, just human beings making choices, sometimes choices we vehemently disagree with. But we all have both sides in us, and sometimes the things we most judge in others are the things we dislike most in ourselves.. (homophobia and "closet cases" come to mind:) and it's only when we claim our shadow and learn the lessons that we can move on.

So whenever I think about George Bush, I try to think about and claim the part of me that Bush, his "election" represented... my inner Texan, if you will :) The part of me that thinks I can just stamp out part of reality, the parts I don't like, isolate them, bomb them into submission. It doesn't work if I just tell myself that he has NOTHING to do with me. Because I am an American, and I am a part of everything that happened in my name in the last eight years.. (longer than that if you want to get technical about it).

It's important to many of us that justice be done, and that the perpetrators of injustice be held accountable. How does this square with the spiritual side of life? Karma happens whether or not our human systems make "justice" happen.

The trick is in knowing when- in this real world- to press to hold people accountable, and when to let go and trust that the Divine is handling the situation.

ALL the people who are creating reactions in our lives are our teachers, and their actions are teaching others as well. Teaching them what works and what doesn't, what society values or does not value, and how much they can get away with.. the teachings happen on many levels and are not always apparent or obvious to the naked eye.

So if someone-especially someone in media or a leadership position- chooses to hold a leader's actions up to the light and say this is unacceptable, how much of that is that person and his/her own issues, and how much is it that person speaking as a member of society saying.. this person's actions are no longer going to be acceptable.. as in, you no longer get to express your homophobia without consequences?

Just a few thoughts. Personal animosity goes nowhere - but accountability, and assigning value and worth to those (today it's gays, poor people, disabled, even state workers who provide services to those who are hurting ) who have been scapegoated and mistreated for as long as we can remember.. that is a part of the reversal that the Divine Feminine is ushering in with these new Earth Changes.

Taxes are a major way we contribute to our society. Where we put that tax money is an expression of our values. Do we choose to pave our roads, or to pay for counselors for victims of sexual abuse and rape? Sometimes we have to make the hard choices. Are compassion and love represented in our institutions? How high a value do they get? Does the military state ever have to go without? Will we tolerate potholes to make others' lives bearable? Or if we choose to dismantle the military state can we have all our needs met? Is the military state there to keep
intact the system of privilege for the privileged few ?

Picking up the rocks and looking at the worms underneath, shining some light on the conditions on the ground and deciding whether they need to be changed, that is also a human responsibility- right now especially.

Kali Yuga will see huge, massive changes in our world before we are done. Will we be proactive in our little piece of the world and help to midwife these changes? Or will we see ourselves as victims of those changes because we didnt care enough to ask the right questions?

The Goddess wants to see Justice done.
It may feel like a blunt instrument if we have not been paying attention. Paying attention when the issue is like a feather hitting you lightly on the face, and responding to it then is infinitely preferable to waiting until it's a two by four hitting you upside the head.

It's important to focus on the positive --visualizing what you want to see as the new reality coming in, and staying in joy and the positive wherever and whenever possible. But the dark side is always there, and if we make an effort to stay in touch with it in ourselves and others, then the balancing act of yin and yang, light and dark, doesn't get out of balance.

As important as it is to focus on the Light and what we want to see in our lives, spiritual people need to bring themselves down to the earth level and be active in living our values.

It all comes down to whether you believe it is important for fairness for all to be demonstrated in our human political systems. Sometimes that only happens when leaders- and individual people- are willing to pick up the rocks, and assign responsibility- and accountability- where it is warranted. That is one piece of the courage that these times demand.

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