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Friday, April 17, 2009

from my favorite movie about Hawaii, see it if you can at your favorite film festival!


Stay tuned for upcoming preview screenings in Santa Monica and Maui!



“Taylor Camp” is a feature documentary (as well as a book to be published by Serindia) that takes the viewer
on a journey through the ultimate hippie fantasy - a crazy quilt community of tree houses on the beach at the
end of the road on Kauai. It’s about the rejection of American values only to repaint them with long hair,
marijuana and a vegetarian “clothing-optional” lifestyle in the era of flower power, anti-war riots
and the Age of Aquarius.

Taylor Camp was born in the spring of 1969 when artist / oceanographer Howard Taylor (brother of actress
Elizabeth) bailed out of jail a rag-tag band of young mainlanders arrested for vagrancy and invited them to
live on his land; thus setting off immigrating waves of hippies, surfers, seekers and psychologically
scarred Vietnam vets to Kauai's North Shore.

30 years later, we relive the growth of the camp through storytelling and interviews with the campers and
their local neighbors. The interviews are woven into period music, re-enactments, original footage and
striking black and white images of the camp from 1971 to 1977, plus a bare-knuckle examination of
Taylor Camp's impact on the local community.

Condemned by the State in 1977, government workers torched the camp before the last resident
moved out, leaving behind ashes and magical memories of “the best days of our lives”.

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  1. The Taylor Camp film will also be showing in the mainland this week! The filmmakers and several stars will be there too. If you live in Santa Monica/Los Angeles, here are the details:

    Date: TUESDAY - June 23, 2009
    Times: 5:00 & 7:30 pm
    Where: Laemmle's Monica 4-PLEX | 1332 2nd Street, Santa Monica CA

    More Details: http://www.TaylorCampFilm.com