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Friday, July 10, 2009

more thoughts on Obama and change we can believe in

The more I think about the way things are now, the more it becomes obvious that we need to take more personal responsibility for changing the world. So many had hopes that Obama as president would mean real change, and now for many of us those hopes are beginning to shred.

For gays, for people who need health care, for those of us hanging on by a thread in the new economy, the awakening is rough.

Seems important to remember the phrase that was going around during the campaign "We are the ones we have been waiting for" - as in.. he's not the Messiah and he cannot do this by himself.

Like many others I find myself very disappointed by those he has chosen to have around him, his close circle: i.e. Rahm Emanuel, Geithner, Summers, etc, and surprised by those he has frozen out. I.e.e Krugman, Galbraith, Roubini, Reich and other progressive economists.

As my Canadian friend puts it: He was just the right man at the right time for the powers that be. He won't make any changes that aren't approved by those who are really in charge.

Not sure if I want to really believe this, I still hope for the best. But I have to say that - while some of the things he has signed are praiseworthy, it's hard to keep the faith after the last month or two. Holder's DOJ defending DOMA and the language that was used was over the top for me.

I defended him when he left the Iranians to be suppressed by their government.. it seemed clear then that that was the right stance, painful though that is to watch.. every country must fight for its own independence, right? Not to mention that the US military is debilitated by trying to finish up two wrong- headed Bush wars. With the mess that Bush left the country in, any progress is bound to be held up while we tread water trying not to drown..

Now I am reminded by my friends that Poland and France helped the US to gain independence, by sending troops. And I wonder- what if those troops had not arrived?

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